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Zdenek Bobek - Professional profile

I studied English language at the grammar school (1975 - 1979) and then at the Language School of the Capital City of Prague (1980 - 1984). From 1979 to 1982, I studied civil engineering at the Cezch Technical University in Prague. I did not finish the studies.

I had been working in a number of state owned enterprises and changed my profession several times till 1989. However, most of the time, I worked in information technologies as a programmer, analyst, computer center manager, and a programmer of security functions of database systems. English was my hobby during the period of communist rule in CSSR.. I studied the language at the Language School in Prague and tutored students of secondary schools in the evenings.

From 1990 I worked as an interpreter for the Salvation Army. From 1991 to 1997 I taught at the Language School of Dr. Nepustil in Brno. I took part in creating audio records for the textbooks written by Dr. Nepustil. Since 1993 I work as a freelance translator, interpreter and lector of the English language with my own trading licence.

I have translated various technical texts. At the beginning the texts dealt with computer science and information technologies, later I enlarged my expert knowledge in other branches. Those were machinery industry, civil engineering, manufacture of  building materials, and geology. My customers were large enterprises in Brno as well as small family companies, and companies from abroad.  The only larger literature translation is War in Pacific - Aleutians. In addition to this book I translated a number of stories for book editions or for the Internet. I translated a few web sites for some companies.

I interpreted many business negotiations, trainings, and lectures. In 1990 I worked as a personal interpreter for Major Peiter Katjee for The Salvation Army (Dutch division). This position made me interpret varied kinds of discussions in very different environments - from a mayor office to a prison cell.

In 2009, I accompanied Mr. Smetana, an entrepreneur from Brno, to India. The month long stay did bring me not only radical interpreting experience but also an existential experience during facing the different culture and civilization.

After I had moved to Brno, I taught English at The Dr. Nepustil Language School, later i organized my own courses for public. I focus on individual approach and teaching or at small groups teaching, as this makes to possible for the teacher to control the progress of individual students and adjust the pace of the lessons to individual abilities and needs of the students.  I prefer working with complete sets of textbooks and audio records  for adult students, especially with New Headway series, as these are suitable for general language education of the adults. Fro 2006 to 2009 I taught military personnel  in courses for STANAG1 and STANAG2 exams at the military base of the Army of the Czech Republic in Vyškov. I also taught soldiers in Náměšť nad Oslavou  in 1995 - 1996. Officers of ACR were among my students in the public lessons or individual tuition. My relationship with the Army is very good.

During the all time I have been working in the branch of English-Czech translating, I have been studying and enlarging my professional knowledge in linguistics, andragogy, English studies, and in technical branches as well. A real translator never stops studying

Contact by: e-mailem or by phone +420 603 844 754 (anytimei)

Zdeněk Bobek

born 1959, translator and free lance English teacher.

Zdeněk Bobek

Czech-English / English-Czech translator and interpreter since 1989. Independent freelance teacher of English language    

Seven years at Dr. Nepustil Language School, hundreds of translations and hours of interpreting.

I translate both thechnical texts and literature.


Telephone: +420 603 844 754

E-mail: zdenek.bobek@anglos.cz