One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. - Frank Smith

Translation and interpreting services

Translation services

I have been working as a translator or interpreter since 1989. Over the time I gathered experience in a lot of different branches. I translate technical and commercial texts, descriptions, instructions, projects, feasibility studies, technology procedures, operating and assembling manuals, and other kinds of texts from English to Czech or from Czech to English. The main areas of my expertise are:

  • architecture
  • civil engineering
  • building materials industry
  • mechynical engineering
  • geology
  • mining industry
  • computer science and computer graphics
  • web pages
  • linguistics
  • economics
  • fiction


I interpret business negotiations, instructing, lectrues, trainings etc. I am experienced in interpreting in spinal cord surgery branch as well.

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or call: 603 844 754

Zdeněk Bobek

born 1959, translator and free lance English teacher.

English-czech translator Zdenek Bobek

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ... Překladatel a tlumočník z angličtiny do češtiny a z češtiny do angličtiny od roku 1989. Nezávislý lektor anglického jazyka.

Vyučoval jsem angličtinu na Jazykové škole doktora Nepustila 7 let. Tlumočil jsem řadu obchodních jednání v ČR i v zahraniční. Překládám technické texty i literaturu.


Telephone: +420 603 844 754